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While dubbed “The City of Gentle People,” we know better that Dumaguete is at its heart, a bit of a wild thing that brims with musical verve, genuine athleticism and painterly passion. Theirs is a spirit that we wish could be bottled but cannot be corked. Their horizon is nearly permanently blue, dotted by the stark primary colors of banderitas fluttering in the wind. 


Why do we turn to the sky? We look up to find hope, to seek promise, and to stir ambition.

While we are human beings of skin, bone and blood, we are inspired to know that somehow in all of us, there is still stardust.

Our latest “Sky’s the Limit” collection is for dreamers, goal getters, and never-back-down warriors. Each style is named after a special place in our hearts and how it stoked us to restart if necessary, work harder and aim higher. We know you refuse to be boxed in and we celebrate that spirit.

As always, the cut and color are flattering for all women regardless of their age, size, or style. It features one-of-a-kind prints from paintings done by our resident creative director. 

The bottom is seamless and is cut to support the tummy area. The top is lightly padded and both top and bottom are made with a special high quality fabric that grips the skin when wet, so it doesn't become a wet nappy after a swim.   

  • Adjustable halter top
  • High quality polyester and spandex
  • UV protection  
  • Lightly padded 
  • Seamless design
  • Available in sizes S to 3X

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