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Hello, SKINNI Tribe! We’ve whipped up this section to answer some of the questions you might have for us:

Does SKINNI ship worldwide?
Yes, we do. We have a reasonably priced Standard Shipping rate, depending on your country. If you're not included on the list, kindly send us an email at and we would be more than happy to assist you. 


Does SKINNI have other payment methods?
Our default payment system here in the website is via PayPal. But…
No credit card? No problem. We can also accept bank transfer or bank deposit. Kindly email us at with your preferred payment method of these two and we will get back to you with our account details. 


Why do prices change at checkout?
There are changes in the price, depending on your preferred currency. Also, we apply the tax rate of your country based on your address. 
How should I wash or care for my SKINNI suit/s?
Best to hand wash your SKINNI suit separately in cold water. Use a gentle detergent. Do not bleach. Do not iron! 
How can I get in touch with you? 
If you would like to learn more about our products or have questions about purchasing, please email us at 
If you’re already a customer (meaning you’ve already ordered an item from SKINNI) and have some concerns not answered in this section, kindly email us at 
What if I need to return or exchange a product? 
We try our very best to provide the best possible quality. However, in the unlikely event that there is a defect or if the size delivered is not correct, please send us an email at We will need to evaluate your concern so give us some time to assess! Please read also our Returns & Exchange policy

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